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Habemus Papam ! Benedict XVI



The Pope, Islam and The Fatima Prophecy Father Thomas Carleton

DARWIN VERSUS THE DARWINISTS Father Thomas Carleton                                       There is a particular sub-species of atheists that likes to trace the rationale of their thinking back to Charles Darwin. Darwin, as we see in this quote from his 1859 book, ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION: OR, THE PRESERVATION OF FAVOURED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE, did not reject a  * plan of creation *, which he considered to be *a fact*, but held that it was the task of science to provide natural causal explanations: 

Much ink and miles of paper   Fr. Glenn Sudano, CFR 16 FEB 06 Reading Pope Benedict XVI is not for those who only enjoy reading cereal boxes or comic strips. *Deus Caritas Est * gives us the privilege of entering into the mind of a great man who clearly presents us with the truth.

I HAVE A FRIEND IN THE OLYMPICS! Rev. Fr. William J. Kuchinsky

Zen is coming to a Dallas Catholic parish

Problems with Zen combined with Christianity  Barbara Kralis 7 FEB 06

L.A. Cathedral Disinvites Christian Unity Event    12 JAN 06 Ms. Ryden*s revelations were merely the result of private meditations and contained doctrinal errors. It also advised bishops not to provide any opportunity in their dioceses for the dissemination of her ideas

The laureates insist on evolution as an *unplanned process*                                                  DOES  INTELLIGENT DESIGN HAVE TO BE ADMITTED? Father Thomas Carleton     Popular for hundreds of years, was the theory of the Greek thinker, Empedocles, that earth, air, fire and water were the basic *roots*.  It may be that to future generations the theory of evolution will sound just as simplistic.  In the meanwhile educators should try not to close the doors on debate but to allow an open discussion of competing theories.

Two Towers

by John D. Meehan Book signing December 6, 2005 Concord, NH

CAN CELIBATE HOMOSEXUALS BE ORDAINED - YES OR NO? Barbara Kralis   This question must be answered clearly and absolutely by Catholic Bishops for the good of the Church in the United States. There are homosexual ears and heterosexual ears listening. No homosexual is going to enter a seminary if he knows for certain that he will be turned down in the end for ordination. Similarly, heterosexual healthy men will not enter a seminary if they know that people will judge them as being homosexual.

THE ROSARY LETTER AND ITS CRITICS Fr  Thomas Carleton   Feast of the Holy Rosary, 2005Like a delicate and beautiful garland weaved to Our Lady, Pope John Paul's Letter is urging, not only Catholics, but all Christians to take up the Rosary; for the Pope knows and trusts the  hidden power of the Rosarian cord of secretly working in the hearts of Adam's race to "draw them" back *with the bonds of love* to the one Church of Christ.


How do you say Merry Christmas ?

Appeal to the Synod of Bishops on Eucharist  From the volks at* We Are Church*

The Heroic Battle  Barbara Kralis 29 SEP 05

INTELLIGENT DESIGN   Father Thomas Carleton    Aug. 18, 2005

Lucifer, The First Liberal By ARTHUR M. HIPPLER , Wanderer .March 03

Red flags are up! On the writings of Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI

The Catechism of The Catholic Church

The National Catholic Church of America  1 July 05



Catholics Supporting the Denial of Nutrition and Hydration are not in Communion With the Church By Barbara Kralis May 3, 2005

St. Benedict of Nursia and The Holy Rule of St. Benedict

Monastero di San Benedetto in Norcia

Vatican denounces book, *Jesus: Symbol of God *

Vatican pressure said to have forced editors resignation

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