Publications about Dissent and Dissenters

The following books and publications provide good topical discussion regarding dissent and dissenters. Click the link for information on how to order the publication.

Title Author / Editor Where to Obtain


Liberalism is a Sin Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany  
Call to Action or Call to Apostasy? Brian Clowes  
God or Goddess? Feminist Theology: What Is It? Where Does It Lead? Manfred Hauke
Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism Donna Steichen  
The New Age Counterfeit Johnnette Benkovic  
Catholics and the New Age Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.  
The Great Heresies Hilaire Belloc  
Catechism of Modernism Fr. J. B. Lemius  
Teilhardism and the New Religion: A Thorough Analysis of the Teachings of Pierre Teilhard De Chardin Wolfgang Smith  
The Renovation Manipulation Michael S. Rose Aquinas Publishing
Goodbye, Good Men Michael S. Rose Regnery Publishing


The Wanderer
weekly newspaper
A. J. Matt, Jr. [editor] The Wanderer Press
New Oxford Review
monthly magazine
Dale Vree [editor] New Oxford Review
St. Catherine Review
bi-monthly magazine
Michael S. Rose [editor] St. Catherine Review
(no longer published)

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