Dissent Section Index

This section contains material pertaining to those organizations and persons who purport to hold the Catholic Faith but actually dissent from the Truth and instead embrace error, all while proclaiming themselves as Catholic.

Information Related to Specific Dissenting Catechetical / Evangelization Programs




Renew 2000


A large quantity of information is available on our Renew page.

Should ALPHA be used in a Catholic Context?

Gillian Van der Lande

An article describes the ALPHA program in Europe.

Is ALPHA for Catholics?

William J. Cork, D.Min.

The purpose of this paper is to describe the process and content of the Alpha Course, and to evaluate whether Alpha, either in its original form or in the "Alpha for Catholics" model, should be recommended to Catholic parishes looking for evangelization tools.

Catholic Action Network

Jeff  St.Louis

Promoting ordination of women among a plethora of other *social justice* issues.

Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MOMS)

Women for Faith and Family

A brief but telling analysis of the MOMS program.

Information Related to Specific Dissenting Organizations and People




Listing of dissenting organizations 


These organizations claim to be Catholic but instead promote opinions which dissent from Church teachings.

Listing of dissenting authors and speakers


These people claim to be Catholic but instead promote opinions which dissent from Church teachings.

Call to Action 1998 Agenda

Bruce Sabalaskey

Learn about Call to Action's dissenting agenda from their own material.

Vocabulary of Terms Commonly used by Dissenters

 Bruce Sabalaskey

Those disguising error as Truth use some sophisticated marketing. Learn how to spot dissident beliefs hidden within spoken or written material.

Archbishop Lefebvre and Canons 1323:4 and 1324 1:5
A Canonical Study

Peter John Vere

A Canonical study regarding the schism of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).

List of recommended books


Check out our recommendations of books and publications which expose the truth about the dissenters.

Catholics in the Sanctuary of the Unicorn

Michelle Parker

Analysis of dissenter Sister Jeannine Gramick's New Age theology called "Jesus Consciousness".

Church Rulings Against Dissenters

Vatican List of Dissenters


Off-site link to the the Vatican which lists Church rulings against dissenters.

Notification against DeMello

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

Official Vatican condemnation of Fr. DeMello's writing.

Notification against Gramick and Nugent

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

Official Vatican condemnation of Fr. Nugent's and Sr. Gramick's teaching regarding homosexuality.

Notification against Liberation Theology

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

Official Vatican condemnation of Liberation Theology, a belief which incorporates principles of Marxist atheistic communism.

Apostolic Letter Ecclesia Dei - Notification against Archbishop Lefebvre

Pope John Paul II

Official letter from the Holy Father indicating Archbishop Lefebvre and his followers are formally in schism.

Notification against Fr. Tissa Balasuriya 

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

Official Vatican statement concerning the text 'Mary and Human Liberation' by Fr. Tissa Balasuriya, O.M.I.

Notification against Fr. Teilhard de Chardin

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

Official Vatican warning regarding the writings of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin.

National Conference of Catholic Bishops denounces Catholics for a Free Choice  

National Conference of Catholic Bishops

Statement issued by the National Council of Catholic Bishops authoritatively denying that Catholics for a Free Choice merit any recognition or support as a Catholic organization.

Notification Concerning Regarding Jacques Dupuis Book "Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism."

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

Official Vatican warning regarding the writings of Fr. Jacques Dupuis book on religious pluralism.

Declaration on Priestly Ordination of Catholic Women

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

Official Vatican warning regarding the so-called ordination of seven women.

Review of Fr. McBrien's "Catholicism" by the NCCB's Committee on Doctrine

NCCB Committee on Doctrine

In recent letters to Father Richard McBrien, Archbishop John R. Quinn, chairman of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Doctrine and Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk, acting chairman upon Archbishop Quinn's retirement, expressed disappointment that the new edition of Father McBrien's book Catholicism did not sufficiently correct several deficiencies that the committee had identified in its examination of the first two editions of the book undertaken in the early '80s. (off-site)

Information Related to Types of Dissent and Why




Definitions related to Dissent

Bruce Sabalaskey

Short analysis of the different forms of dissent and their relationships.

Liberalism is a Sin

Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany

In-depth analysis of why Liberalism is sinful.

Definition of Heresy

Catholic Encyclopedia

In-depth analysis of Heresy and its relation to dissent.

Definition of Apostasy

Catholic Encyclopedia

In-depth analysis of Apostasy and its relation to dissent.

Definition of Schism

Catholic Encyclopedia

In-depth analysis of Schism and its relation to dissent.

Definition of Liberalism

Catholic Encyclopedia

In-depth analysis of Liberalism and its relation to dissent.

Definition of Modernism

Catholic Encyclopedia

In-depth analysis of Modernism and its relation to dissent.

Definition of Anathema

Catholic Encyclopedia

In-depth analysis of Anathema and its relation to dissent.

Definition of New Age

Pontifical Councils for Culture and Inter-religious Dialogue

In-depth analysis of New Age and its relation to dissent. See also the latest Vatican teaching Jesus Christ, The Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian reflection on the 'New Age'

Information Related to Dissident Spirituality and Morality

The following types of spirituality are defined and presented so that one may see their influence on dissenter spirituality. While the genuine Catholic focus of spirituality is sanctity (growth in holiness - become like Jesus - perfect as Our Heavenly Father is perfect), dissenters focus on a vague definition of spirituality. You will be shocked at the large degree of paganist concepts incorporated by the radical dissenters.  There are common threads of sacred nature (eco- or bio-spirituality) since nature is a god or god-like and that we are "one with creation." While none of this paganism is remotely Catholic, haven't many seen classes advertised in the parish bulletin for the Enneagram, Tai-Chi, or yoga for example?




Current Situation of Faith and Theology

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Read this first! Cardinal Ratzinger masterfully explains the influence of various forms of Marxism and paganism on the spiritual environment of today's age.


Catholic Encyclopedia

A broad set of belief systems in which creation is worshipped and in which a belief in many gods (polytheism) is held. Nature worship can include as it objects, the sun, stars, moon, animals, water, earth, or any other creating thing. Gaia, Mother Earth, and Sacred Creation are examples of earth worship. In addition, spirit worship is also possible. The Renew 2000 prayer of directions calls on many spirits, none of which exist in Catholic doctrine.


Catholic Encyclopedia

In Hinduism it is of minor importance what sort of worship is adopted, provided one recognizes the supremacy of the Brahmins and the sacredness of Brahmin customs and traditions. In the pantheistic all-god Brahma, the whole world of deities, spirits, and other objects of worship is contained, so that Hinduism adapts itself to every form of religion, from the lofty monotheism of the cultivated Brahmin to the degraded nature-worship of the ignorant savage.


Catholic Encyclopedia

The view according to which God and the world are one. Emanationism may easily take on a pantheistic meaning and as pointed out in the Encyclical "On the Doctrine of the Modernists," the same is true of the modern doctrine of immanence. Note that the Bishops gave the original Renew a failing grade because of its overly heavy bias on immanence. Renew 2000 is not much different.


Catholic Encyclopedia

The religious, monastic system, founded c. 500 B.C. on the basis of pantheistic Brahmanism. This movement starts with the same morbid view that conscious life is a burden and not worth the living, and that true happiness is to be had only in a state like dreamless sleep free from all desires, free from conscious action (Nirvana). It believes in the doctrine of an endless chain of births (reincarnation).


Catholic Encyclopedia

The complex religion and social system which grew out of the polytheistic nature-worship of the ancient Aryan conquerors of northern India. Early on, personified forces of nature in the form of many deities were worshipped. Later it turned pantheistic. It's modern form is Hinduism.


Catholic Encyclopedia

Taoism is the Religion of Heaven and Earth, of the Cosmos, of the World or Nature in the broadest sense of these words. Hence it can be called "Naturism."


Catholic Encyclopedia

A collective name for a large number of greatly-varying and pantheistic-idealistic sects, which flourished from some time before the Christian Era down to the fifth century. It borrowed some of the tenets of the chief religions of the day and especially of Christianity. It believed that matter is a deterioration of spirit, and the whole universe is a depravation of the Deity, and taught the ultimate end of all being to be the overcoming of the grossness of matter and the return to the Parent-Spirit, which return they held to be inaugurated and facilitated by the appearance of some God-sent Savior.

A Call to Vigilance: Pastoral Instruction on the New Age

Archbishop Norberto
Rivera Carrera

In his pastoral letter, the primate of Mexico examines the origins and content of the New Age movement, the reasons for its rapid spread, its incompatibility with the Gospel, and the responsibility of all Catholics to counteract its influence.


Bruce Sabalaskey

Essentially a modern version of Gnosticism. The name is a compound Greek word: theos, a "divine being," a "god"; sophia, "wisdom"; hence divine wisdom. Much of New Age spirituality is drawn from Theosophy.

Wicca (Witchcraft by a new name)

Catholic Encyclopedia

A form of Paganism which worships gods and goddesses and sacred nature.

Satanism, Witchcraft and Church Feminists

Robert Eady

Illustrates the connection between satanism, witchcraft, and feminist theology. (off-site)

Psychics and Witches: What Scripture Says

Fr. William Saunders

As Catholics we remember that the first commandment states, I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have any gods before me. (off-site)

Dispelling the Charms of Wicca

Mary Zurolo

John Gibson started dabbling in the occult in college. He grew interested in tarot cards, then began exploring Wicca and other pagan religions online. After spending five years building an Internet forum for these religions and serving as chairman of the Pagan Leadership Conference, a powerful conversion experience led him to the Catholic Church. (off-site)

Sophia Wisdom, Sophia Christ


Sophia is the feminine goddess of Wisdom. Sophia is found in Gnosticism and Theosophy, and commonly in any pagan religion which worships goddesses such as Wicca.

Gaia, Mother Earth, Sacred Creation

Bruce Sabalaskey

Pagan names for an earth which is sacred and, if Pantheism is also followed, "one" with us and also a god. These names are always found with capital letters connoting the "being" of the earth. One does not capitalize the names of things.

Eco-Feminists and Pagan Politics

Kay Ebeling

At first I thought I'd stumbled across A Total Woman from Mars. I was attending a workshop titled "Shamanic Womancraft" at a center for New Age practices in a northern California town. Women arrived in long print dresses with shawls and sat on mats in a circle on the floor. ... (off-site)

Women Religious Embrace Eco-Spirituality

Michael S. Rose

Rosemary Radford Ruether, eminent Catholic feminist and population-control advocate, echoed the cold sentiments of eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, when she suggested that we should "find the most compassionate way to weed out people." (off-site)

Green Theology

Elaine Middendorf

Describes ecology based principles and its relationship to the United Religious Initiative (URI). (off-site)

Creation Spirituality


The title says a great deal, that being a spirituality focused on creation rather than God. This spirituality has much in common with pagan Wicca (Witchcraft), which is also focused on worshipping creation. This, of course, is against the First Commandment.

Catholicism vs. FreemasonryIrreconcilable Forever

Rev. Robert I. Bradley, S.J.

What is the truth regarding the present official attitude of the Catholic Church toward Freemasonry? ... Persons joining associations of the Masonic sect or any others of the same kind which plot against the Church and legitimate civil authorities contract ipso facto excommunication simply reserved to the Apostolic See. (off-site)

Freemasonry And Christianity: Are They Compatible?

Michael Daniel

Perhaps no organization has aroused more suspicion and curiosity in the last few hundred years than Freemasonry: suspicion and curiosity because Freemasonry is a secret society. However, most people know that a) membership is reserved to men and b) the Catholic Church has traditionally forbidden Catholic males under pain of excommunication or expulsion from the Church to join the Masons. (off-site)

Reincarnation Western-Style: the Resurgence of Age-old Superstition in a Scientific Era

Marie I. George

In both the West and the East the notion of reincarnation has exercised its fascination over the minds of men since ancient times. (off-site)

Neo Gnostics at the End of the Age

Mary Jo Anderson

It is no secret that large segments of American society are embattled as the culture struggles for self-definition in a "Post-Christian age." (off-site)


Bruce Sabalaskey

"Energy points" in your body derived from Hindu spirituality, including gods and goddesses. This concept is contained in many New Age and eastern religion based activities, such as Yoga and Reiki.

Yoga: Health or Stealth?  

The Cross and the Veil

Yoga, meaning union or yoking in Sanskrit, is one system of Indian (Hindu) philosophy. The practitioner of yoga seeks to yoke himself to the universal spirit through a complex, ancient science of philosophic meditation and self-purification (asceticism ).

Healing Touch  

The Cross and the Veil

Described as "energy-based healing therapies from a Judeo-Christian perspective," Healing Touch is a New Age eastern religion based concept. Many reference materials are New Age based, and the "energy" concept is that of Chakras. (Off site)

Reiki and Tantric Magic: Healing or Hell?  

The Cross and the Veil

Another "energy-based" New Age eastern spirituality healing system based on channeling performed by those trained by masters with special knowledge (Gnosticism), and conscience expanding meditation. The "energy" concept is that of Chakras.

Centering Prayer: Catholic Meditation or Occult Meditation?

The Cross and the Veil

An attempt at "Christianizing" the Eastern religion based prayer on Transcendental Meditation. Usually pagan influenced spirituality centers will sponsor all of Enneagrams, Centering Prayer, and Labyrinths.

Maze Craze

Mark D. Tooley

The Labyrinth is another pagan based prayer method to guide you to "the Source." According to Lessons for Living, "A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. ... The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. ... A labyrinth is an archetype [Jungian term] with which we can have a direct experience. ... It is a metaphor for life's journey. It is a symbol that creates a sacred space and place and takes us out of our ego to 'That Which Is Within.'" Usually pagan influenced spirituality centers will sponsor all of Enneagrams, Centering Prayer, and Labyrinths. (off-site)


Bruce Sabalaskey

New Age pagan tool with occult roots which purportedly categorizes your personality to tell you how to obtain health ("integration") and avoid neurosis ("disintegration"). Usually pagan influenced spirituality centers will sponsor all of Enneagrams, Centering Prayer, and Labyrinths.

Enneagram: The Psychic Babble

Mary Jo Anderson

Teaching the Enneagram, variously billed as "the mirror of the soul" and "a map to the psyche," has become the new profession of former priests, who offer it as a spiritual guide and an aid to pastoral practice. (off-site)

Enneagram: The New Age: A Christian Critique

Ralph Rath

Out of nowhere, the Enneagram burst onto the Christian scene and became very popular with publishers and retreat houses. (off-site)

The Enneagram: Spirituality It Is Not

Fr. Mitch Pacwa

The Enneagram is alleged to be a 2000-year-old Sufi system of personality types from Islamic mystics who lived before the time of Christ. (off-site)

Enneagram versus the Catholic Church

Rick Kephart

It also happens that other religions take elements of Catholicism and adapt them to another religion. Voodoo did that: mixing Catholicism with African superstitions, but it is a harmless example because people do not consider it to be Catholic since it was never made to appear Catholic. But there are times when Christian elements are assimilated into another religion and there is an effort to deceive and trick good people into their religion. (off-site)

Toronto Blessing


A little treatise on the Toronto Blessing, also referred to as The Anointing, Revival, or Father's Blessing. (Off site)

Fundamental Option

Fr. Stephen F. Torraco

"Fundamental option" refers to a theory of morals according to which each person gradually develops in a basic orientation of his or her life, either for or against God. ... the Holy See issued a formal declaration, "Persona Humana," in which certain theories involving the idea of the fundamental option were condemned."

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